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500+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List In 2022 | Free & Instant Social Bookmarking Websites

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is a very smart process to save a specific website or page on the social bookmarking platform in order to visit it later in the future. In today’s online world, it helps users to visit the page, again and again, any time round the clock from a smartphone or laptop without worrying a little about losing it. It has become an indispensable and powerful tool for digital marketers nowadays. Why? Many online users add or share bookmarked web pages with people or their teams for multiple purposes. It helps marketers to expand their reach and audience tenfold. One can easily bookmark their website on multiple social pages/platforms to target massive traffic or visitors.

These bookmarks range from public to private. One can share them with an individual set of people or several groups.

Social bookmarking sites act as search engines where netizens can search newly added or old web pages. Online users can visit the web pages as per their liking to comment and vote on their preferred articles. This helps other users to find out the most popular and valued content on the web pages.

Hence, to create noise about any website or web page or to increase traffic, followers, and money, one has to rely on social bookmarking sites that offer instant and free approval effortlessly. In this way, one can easily advertise their website without creating a dent in their pocket.

10 Best Websites to drive traffic on your website


It is a popular social bookmarking site that helps you to share content. One can also easily save it to view later. The site also has a podcast feature where one can listen to published news and articles easily. Here, one can find out interesting articles and read them anywhere and at any time.

It is also a leading social bookmarking website that has specialization in researching and publishing content for all types of businesses and people. The best and most unique aspect of the website is that it works well with various businesses.


It is quite similar to Reddit and works just like a social news website. Here, one can find out interesting news stories on various topics, including current affairs, entertainment, technology, science, etc. One can also comment and save stories for future purposes.


It is also one of the most famous social sharing sites online wherein one can share articles, videos, pictures, and stories on a wide range of topics. It has over 330 million users all across the world.


Currently, Diigo has over 9 million users all over the world. It is considered one of the prominent social bookmarking sites where one can easily save and tag online content to view anywhere and at any time.


It works a little bit like Twitter wherein one can easily spread any information, update, or news effortlessly. Here, users need to follow the text limit of 210 characters while typing or sharing any content.


It is also a popular social bookmarking site that brings you impressive and engaging articles, videos, song lyrics, recipes, and a lot of articles on various topics. One can easily read and share on the go.


It is a quite well-known social bookmarking site where one can read on various topics and save them for the future. Just pick your favorite categories to get started.


It acts as a platform that helps you to save various topics all over the web. One doesn’t require any coding to organize interesting web content to share and collaborate.

Facebook Groups:

Over 1.4 billion people all across the world use Facebook Groups daily. So, it’s the most prominent social bookmarking site. There are over 10 million Facebook groups where users from various countries share content, events, etc.

Why Social Bookmarking is an Important Backlink in SEO?

In SEO, social bookmarking plays a major role to increase traffic, visibility, and profitability. It is observed over the years that the bookmarked webpages on the top social bookmarking sites act as result-proven backlinks among search engines.

The social bookmarking practice is nothing short of a simple and effective way to enhance the website’s traffic and visibility to give an owner a chance to make it’s content popular. In fact, the practice also helps in acquiring effective backlinks from top authority sites.

According to many digital marketers, social bookmarking is a very effective and yielding off-page SEO method to enhance the SEO campaign. It is also considered an essential backlink in SEO. Here are the reasons.

It helps in creating brand awareness

Since customers and online users can’t visit every webpage online, social bookmarking helps you to create a good profile for your work or business on top social bookmarking sites. It acts as a backlink for your website on social bookmarking websites to help people visit your web page quite often.

It helps to promote the content

Social bookmarking sites help to promote the content of any webpage easily and hassle-free. One can quickly reach the targeted audience to promote any type of service, business, or product online without getting into a lot of social media strategies. When any business web page posts content on a daily basis to top social bookmarking sites then they can build a strong network and traffic. In the end, it accelerates your SEO.

It accelerates the speed of indexing by search engines

Knowing the fact that social bookmarking sites are mostly authoritative sites, web crawlers consistently visit these sites. When you put the link of your web page on these sites you are automatically updating Google about the new content posted on your webpage. Hence, the indexing of your web page becomes even faster than before.

It helps to generate targeted traffic

Social bookmarking websites work on targeted keywords or tags. Online users visit these websites to find out targeted content. When we look at it from the SEO point of view, then it helps you to reach the targeted audience easier and in a better manner.

It helps in lead generation

For every webpage lead generation plays an important role. To grow your online business lead generation is an important aspect. Hence, social bookmarking sites help to get potential leads for your business. Online users are always on the hunt for new offerings and content to grow and get better value for their time and effort.

We all know that high-quality backlinks play a huge role in the online world. It’s an effective tool of SEO. Posting content or creating profile on social bookmarking sites helps you to create valuable backlinks from high-ranking web pages. Backlinks help to enhance your web page’s domain authority and traffic.

What is the Best Strategy for Social Bookmarking?

In today’s digital world where social media sites are ruling the world, it’s literally a crime to not use social bookmarking for your website. It is the best and effortless way to rank your website on search engines and draw huge traffic and visibility.  However, there is a proper way to use social bookmarking. In fact, many digital marketers follow the right strategy for social bookmarking in order to get the best results.

So, here are the essential steps for the best strategy for social bookmarking.

Don’t bookmark the websites that are simply not effective

Don’t waste time bookmarking useless websites online. If any website is unable to add value to your website then don’t waste time and effort.

Don’t do spamming

It’s not mandatory to bookmark any or many websites without thinking twice. It’s not essential either to bookmark each page on your webpage. By doing this, you may appear as a spammer to search engines and popular bookmarking sites. In fact, users may also feel that you are here to promote only your content.

Take time for the bookmark submission process

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, take a good amount of time in submitting bookmarks right after creating a bookmarking account. It is suggested to take over 4 weeks to bookmark your content on social bookmarking sites.

Make use of multiple tags

Tags are really important. They will help users to find your content or links effortlessly. One can use multiple tags in order to make it easier for netizens to find out links and content. In this way, you can make it easier for users to find your website without beating around the bush. Nowadays, many social bookmarking sites have an option of ‘tag cloud’ that offers a comprehensive list of various popular tags. You can also use it to minimize your efforts. Make sure to keep tags precise and simple. Don’t use abbreviations unless it’s required. Make sure to tag proper nouns.

Pick apt categories

It’s really important to pick the right categories while bookmarking informative and comprehensive articles. If you will pick the wrong categories then you may miss the opportunity to get the right audience.

Avoid using automated software

Many people tend to use automated software to bookmark their web pages or content on social bookmarking sites. The practice often lacks quality and yields no benefit. Hence, it’s better to make efforts to put manual entries on social bookmarking sites to see long-term benefits.

How to Find Social Bookmarking Sites?

There are many result-proven methods to find the best social bookmarking sites on Google. Hence, you must pick the right techniques to rank your website and increase traffic tenfold.

Out of all, there are three prominent methods to find the best list of social bookmarking sites.

Google PageRank

It is nothing but an effective Google algorithm to determine each website that happens to become a part of its index. Hence, it gives specific ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 to make it easier for users to pick the right ones. The higher the bookmarking ranking, the better it is to get exposure and quality for your website.

The Backlinks

Backlinks help a lot to find the best social bookmarking sites. There are basically two prominent types of backlinks that determine social bookmarking sites. One is a NoFollow and the second is a DoFollow backlink. In case you get a NoFollow backlink from your aimed website, then the site is not sure about your online presence. Hence, you will not get a PageRank boost when Google is going to upgrade PR.

On the other hand, a DoFollow link brings the benefit of a PageRank boost when Google will update the PR.

Authentic Submissions

Make sure to do authentic submissions and keep uniqueness as a top priority. On Google, you will come across many bookmarking sites with duplicate posts. Hence, it will not work in your favor to achieve high rankings and traffic for your website.

How To Drive Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites?

There are many social bookmarking sites that can give you an immense amount of traffic. In fact, one can easily get over 20k visitors per day. However, there are certain ways to hit the jackpot and come right on the front page. It’s not so difficult but yes one needs to follow certain steps.

Pay emphasis on headlines

If your article is good but the headline is not catchy then can easily miss the target. Understand one thing that headline plays an important role in the online world for any blog or article. Netizens read headlines and then decide whether to read the article. It should be catchy, easy, and ready-centric.

Write a short and relevant description

A precise and relevant description talking about the content is very important to grab the attention of the readers. Make sure its attractive, not misleading. And, it should not be more than 150 words.

Pay attention to the first paragraph

Make sure that the first paragraph should be very attractive, engaging, and audience-centric to make an impact.

Pay emphasis on content

In the digital world, content is king. To draw a larger audience online, your content should be immersive, meaningful, and helpful for readers. Trash content can’t bring any benefit. It should also be free from plagiarism, grammatical errors, and spam.

Make it easier for people to bookmark your content

Your content should be bookmarked by the readers, not you. You can help readers to bookmark your content by putting a bookmarking button right at the bottom of the article. It will help users to post your content wherever they want to effortlessly.

Know the art of submission

Don’t make any mistakes while making a submission. Make sure to submit in working hours so that users can easily read your articles before hitting bed. Also, focus on working days than weekends for submission.

Pick the right category for submission

Submitting to a general category minimizes the value of your content. Your content may get noticed very late. Hence, it’s important to pick the relevant category to get noticed easily.

Create a solid profile

You need to build a good profile on social bookmarking sites. You also need to share links to interesting blogs or articles on other sites in order to create a good profile. Try not to post links to your own site only. Social bookmarking sites may block you from self-promotion.

Create a network of bookmarkers

Don’t go solo. It’s better to build a network on social bookmarking sites in order to get votes from your friends and supporters. It will help you to come to the top of the page on prominent social bookmarking sites.

Refrain from old news or boring topics

Don’t publish any articles on old news. Instead, you can collect facts related to it and make it a ‘How to’ article to make it an interesting read.

Pay attention to RSS feeds, affiliate marketing, newsletter subscriptions, etc

RSS feeds, affiliate marketing, and newsletter subscriptions help a lot to garner a lot of traffic from social bookmarking sites. Hence, make sure to put all these buttons on the visible areas of your website so that readers can easily like and click on the button to come again.

Respond to comments as much as you can

Social bookmarking sites have a lot of articles where you can see a thread of comments. If you get comments on your articles then it’s good news. So, make sure to reply to the comments. In fact, you can also reply to other articles or stories in order to create a top profile.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, social bookmarking is one of the most important SEO practices that one must follow to boost rankings and traffic on their website. It’s also an integral process of content marketing to build your brand presence and relevant traffic. However, you must do it correctly and on the popular social bookmarking sites listed above. The above-mentioned guide will surely help you to do it well effortlessly.


What’s social bookmarking?

It is a popular off-page SEO practice to bookmark a web URL. The activity helps to save a webpage within a browser tool.

Why is it done by SEO professionals?

It is being done to enhance the traffic and rankings of a website.

What backlinks do we get from social bookmarking sites?

The backlinks that we get from social bookmarking sites are called social links. These links help in SERPs ranking on popular search engines.

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