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200+ High DA & Do Follow Image Submission Website List 2022


A huge List of free image Sharing Sites lists 2022 to Build High Authority image submission sites for backlinks. Get a list of high DA, PR, Do-Follow, free, and instant approval sites by category. Build new DoFollow backlinks quickly with these high Da Pa image-sharing sites.

We are sharing a list of high-domain authority-free image sharing sites where you can submit your article and get high-quality backlinks to help increase your website authority.

Image sharing means placing your website image on different websites to interact with people and helps in building quality backlinks and getting referral traffic to your website. Maximize the number of image submission sites for backlinks to your website by using high-authority image-sharing sites.

What is Image Submission or Sharing?

The Ultimate Guide to Submitting an Image on Best Image Submission Sites – Submitting or sharing images is an off-page SEO activity. Uploading or sharing any image file to any image uploading or sharing site is called image uploading or sharing.

In other words, Image submission means placing your website image on various websites to interact with people and helps in building quality backlinks and getting referral traffic to your website.

Image submission sites in SEO method that gives you a platform to publish or upload your digital photo. An Image Submission website list is a service where you upload, manage or host your images publicly or privately.

Images are more effective as contrast text. Images have a big impact on users and are the best way to tell people about your brand and business online.

This 2022 image submission site list below will help you get organic traffic and authority link juice.











Some very popular free image submission sites list/sharing sites include:

• Facebook

• Pinterest

• Google+

• Tumblr

• Flickr

• Instagram

High PR Free Image Submission Sites List











Key Benefits Of Image Submission & Image Sharing Sites In SEO?

Adding brief content to the “alt attribute” of an image helps search engines index the parent site link in the SERPs. For websites, images offer a better user experience. By adding images, there is room to improve the overall aesthetic.

Use images for internal linking to help you navigate the site smoothly. Image-sharing sites and SEO top image submission sites are prominent off-page techniques to gain the advantage of traffic and link collection from high-domain sites.

Here is a list of free and best image-uploading websites to use for image sharing in 2022.






How To Target the Right Audience With The Help Of Image Submission Or Image Sharing Sites

A list of Best Image Submission Sites is used by marketers to target audiences for all areas. Free image sharing sites list and image-uploading sites are sure paths for backlinks through search results.

From an SEO perspective, the following factors need to be considered for effective results from image uploading and image sharing sites.

• Using the correct image

• Using the correct file format

• Use of alt text

• Effective image description

According to experts, there are two ways to use image-sharing sites

• Posting images on your business website

• Uploading or posting images to image-sharing and image-uploading sites

• Performing SEO actions for images on the site

All images used in web content must be optimized for crawlability, for which image indexing tips must be known.

How To Do SEO Of Image Submission? Value Of Alt Tags

Image submission sites in SEO involve leaving images related to your website on various image-sharing or uploading sites. This means choosing the right image, alt text, file format, and description.

You can submit images either by posting images on your Image Submission website list or by submitting images to various image upload sites. Popular sites include Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. To submit an image on any of them, basically create an account and post your images.

When you post an image with an ALT tag, it is valuable for your website. It tells you about your image and is very useful for Google to crawl your image. Always try to use a targeted keyword with relevant information in the alt tag.

Alt tags value?

The alt tag, also known as the “alt attribute” and “alt description”, is an HTML attribute applied to image tags that provide a text alternative for search engines. Using images for alt tags, such as product photos, can positively impact your eCommerce search engine rankings.

Search engines and other robots cannot interpret images, but images can play a vital role in how people interpret a particular web page. Alt tags solve this by providing text that search engines read. When Googlebot or other search engine crawlers inspect a page, images with properly formatted alt text contribute to how the page is indexed and where it is located. Alt tags are also useful for users viewing a web page on screen readers or browsers that cannot handle images.

Steps and procedures to help you when submitting an image?

When you are going to post or host your business images and photos on an image submission website, you need to follow these guidelines to get better results on your website:

• Do not post or host copied images.

• Select the correct business category.

• Create images in the correct image formats such as JPG, JPEG, or PNG.

• Images should be related to the content of our website.

• We must give Alt-Text to your image.

• Write a picture description for the picture.

• The image should not contain a watermark (logo)

• Add the correct tags to the image.

• Send high-quality images.

• Choose highly authoritative websites for posting images.

• Use proper ALT tags and image titles.

• Post your business images on at least three websites.

The following procedures will help you submit an image to image-sharing sites. If you do it right, you can submit your image very quickly.

Step 1: Open an image-sharing website.

Step 2: Sign up on this site with your email (Gmail ID).

Step 3: Upload an image of your business product or service and provide the correct title.

Step 4: Click Submit.

Which Image Should We Use? 

On most sites, JPEG or PNG are great choices for most of your images (although it’s best to stick to one over the other for consistency). As for GIFs, you’ll want to reserve them for when you need to display animations.

More specifically, JPEG can allow you to squeeze a bit more performance out of your web pages thanks to its high compression ratio, but only if you’re using it for high-color images – like basically all photos. If you want your pages to load as quickly as possible and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of image quality, JPEG is the best image format for your needs.

However, if you care more about making all your images look as good as they can, we recommend that you use PNG instead. This image format maintains high quality even when compressed and works for both complex and simple images.

The Importance Of Copywriting Free Image Submission?

When in doubt about photos, assume they are copyrighted and don’t use them without permission. The point is if you need to use someone else’s image, make sure it fits one of the protected purposes, or seek legal advice if you’re investing significant money or time in your project.

Fair use may be an exception that allows you to use copyrighted images, but chances are you’ll get into a discussion or maybe find your site taken down by your host if the copyright holder doesn’t agree. Unfortunately, there are no landmark cases that lay down firm rules when it comes to fair use and images used on the Internet.

Conclusion Of Image Submission Sites

This list of Best Image Submission Sites will help your company reach a relevant and targeted audience. You can also upload your images to the best image-uploading sites in India where we have provided a list of the Best Image Submission Sites. Uploading images is a creative way to grow your business and get more leads. Many people are learning about image uploading and putting it to good use in their online marketing careers. This is an influential and related SEO topic. All newbies or small business owners can gain knowledge about what SEO image submission is and grow their websites.

Frequently asked questions about Image Submission?

Q. What is image submission?

– Image submission means uploading an image to various sites to create a high-quality backlink and get referral traffic.

Q. What is Image Submission in SEO?

– Image submission is an SEO activity used to upload an image to the relevant pages. It benefits in creating high-quality backlinks to your website.

Q. Why is image submission important in SEO?

– Image uploading is important in SEO because it allows you to build backlinks from high-authority sites and also drive traffic to your site.

Q. List of 5 Best Image Sharing Sites in 2022?

Top image submission sites:






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