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High DA & PA Directory Submission Sites List In 2022 | Updated Sep 2022

Introduction of High-Quality Directory Submission Sites

Are you looking for a list of the top free high DA and PA Directory Submission Sites to publish information about your website and to increase the relevant traffic that you get in 2022?

Then you have come to the proper spot to expand your knowledge about the many directory submission websites that provide you a wonderful chance to submit information about your website to directory submission sites that offer instant approval.

We urge you to study the whole article on the Directory Submission sites list very carefully if you are interested in learning all there is to know about the Directory Submission process and the approaches for link-building approach.

I have made an effort to compile a list of the majority of websites that provide directory submission websites list that have a high Page Rank, domain authority, and page authority. Therefore, you won’t need to spend much time looking for low DA PA websites, since you may send the information about your website to these mentioned websites.

Here Is The Directory submission sites list 2022


If you want instant approval for your directory submission, then here are Instant approval directory submission sites list

What Is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the practice of asking certain websites to register under various directories depending on your industry in order to offer a connection to your website. You can enable it by using various free directory submission sites available in the market. These directories are categorized according to the kind of business you run. There are several other directories out there that provide connections to many other websites. Using a strategy like this one will assist you in improving the domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), page rank (PR), trust factor, the volume of backlinks, and organic search ranking of your website.

Off-page optimization is a strategy that may be used in SEO, and one such approach is directory submission. The term off-page optimization refers to, “all of the many methods that may be used to develop high-quality backlinks to a webpage and to boost the website’s consumer exposure in a variety of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google”. There are numerous amounts of free directory submission sites for SEO available that can easily do the work.

Why Is Directory Submission Necessary In Off-page SEO?

It is regarded as an excellent “all-rounder” when it comes to SEO techniques since it is off-site, it gives exposure and back-links, and it delivers brand data to an audience that is relevant to the brand and already interested in the brand. It is an essential piece of the jigsaw that is SEO, and it favourably encourages the work that has been done in other areas.

Directory Submission websites have to be used carefully and appropriately since, if it is pitched incorrectly, it can hurt SEO efforts rather than help them. If it is done successfully, however, it may be a powerful tool.

Apart from this, below mentioned are some of the benefits that make use of free web directory submission necessary in off-page SEO:

  • Rapid indexing occurs when search engines are able to locate your website with relative ease for the purposes of crawling and indexing it.
  • You now have higher link popularity as a result of receiving two more links: a link to a contextual category as well as a link to a unique directory listing.
  • A higher page rank may be achieved by using quality directories since the Google Algorithm takes into account these factors when determining PageRank.
  • Sharing on social media; The majority of the most popular directory submission sites provide buttons for sharing on social media. It gives consumers the ability to share your link with other users of the service.
  • Increased traffic might be attracted to your website by redirecting the substantial traffic that often goes to famous directories. Recognition of your brand: Since your brand is getting greater exposure, this will help raise your brand’s awareness.

Different Types Of Directory Submission

1. Websites for Free Web Directory Submission

Free directory submission websites do not guarantee that your directory submission demand will be examined or approved. Your request could be granted within a month, or it can take two to three months. However, Google always favours this method of building backlinks to your website. since engaging in this sort of activity will naturally increase the number of hyperlinks to your website.

2. Websites for Paid Directory Submission

You get 100% assurance from paid directory submission websites that they will examine or approve your request for directory submission right away (within an hour).

With this method, you must spend a certain amount of money before receiving the necessary backlinks, which usually take 24 hours. Google, however, does not recommend using this method to build backlinks to your website. These links can be considered spammy links.

3. Sites for Mutual Directory Submission

Link sharing between two websites is referred to as reciprocal directory submission. Two websites are linked together via these connections. A lot of websites provide this kind of connection. The y will urge you to put one code to the head regions of your website.

You have 100% assurance that they will examine or approve your request to submit a directory instantly, within an hour, or within a week. Google, however, does not recommend using this method to build backlinks to your website. This kind of bogus link exists.

The majority of individuals like this method to get their site submissions approved for directories quickly. You may submit your website to a directory that offers rapid approval and get a lot of hyperlinks to your website.

How To Do Directory Submission?

The ideal practice is for you to fill in all of the information that is associated with your domain on free directory submission sites. You should not leave any of the fields blank. The following are some guidelines that will walk you through the process of directory submission procedures step by step.

First things first: choose the appropriate category for your directory submission. Let’s say that your company is a hotel; if you want to submit to an education directory submission site, it indicates that search engines won’t accept a healthy backlink. If you’re in this situation, you need to find an alternative. Therefore, you should always choose a website that is ideal for business directory submissions.

Step 1: On the directory submission website, choose the button labeled “Submit” from the link menu.

Step 2: Choose “Free” for the Link Type from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Register by providing your email address and any other pertinent information.

Step 4: Enter your company’s name, URL, keywords, and description, as well as your email address.

The fifth and final step is to validate your account by clicking the link provided in the email they send you.

Important Tips In Directory Submission Websites

  • Examine the sites that already rank well in your industry to see whether they are taking use of directory links.
  • Send your work to the appropriate folders.
  • Make submissions to directories both local and industry-specific.
  • You should submit your blog to several blog directories if you have one.
  • Check to verify that the directory has not been restricted or punished.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet documenting your work on the directory.
  • Pick a category that has fewer products available.
  • If you are not using any instant approval directory submission sites, think about spending the money to have a highlighted listing.
  • Avoid Reciprocal Links
  • Make sure you check the Google crawling rate of the page that will showcase your listing.
  • Include relevant terms in the listing’s title.
  • Also, put some effort into the part for the description.
  • Make sure to give each of your contributions a unique name and description as much as you can.
  • Stagger your contributions over time

FAQs Of Directory Submission

How May A Website Be Added To This Directory?

Click the Submit Your Website button/link after choosing the category that best describes your website. Then, complete all required areas, choose a review option (free, featured, or sponsored), and submit. You may read carefully our submission standards before submitting the information.

How Soon Will The Website Be Included In The Directory?

If your site conforms with our submission requirements, it will display in the directory for between 2-4 weeks (in the event of a free listing). However, since we get so many entries for each category, we are unable to guarantee inclusion. Submissions that are featured or sponsored will be assessed and posted in two business days.

What Do I Do If My Website Is Rejected?

If your site doesn’t show up in our directory between 2-4 weeks, it was probably rejected by our editor since it didn’t comply with our guidelines. Send us a note using the information form and make sure to include the URL of your website if you are certain that it satisfies all of our submission requirements and merits being featured in our directory.

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