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Free classifieds submission sites in India or free ADs submission sites are very useful for every company and website that can classify or sell their goods and company on the internet in India with the total amount of information without any prices. Free classified ads sites or classified ads submission sites in India would be most famous for their local and nearby classified ads by city. This is another fantastic chance for an advertiser who wants free ad posting sites in India and individuals will start contacting you via email and phone numbers.

What Is Classified Submission In SEO?

Several websites allow users to post their contact information and other facts in the form of classified posts. Classified posting is a way to introduce our business and its offers to a wider audience by sending them to classified websites.

Classified submission sites list

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Explore The Best SEO Technique Of Classified Submission

Search engine optimization is one of the most important techniques used to improve website traffic by getting a high position on the search engine results page. Here are the best-proven SEO techniques to increase organic traffic that will work positively for your website.

Create Quality Content:

Create quality and shareable content and share it through online blog directories or social networks.

Content helps you connect and share relevant and up-to-date information with your customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating content for a website or a blog. 

Competitive Research:

Competitive research is important to you because it helps you think about your competitors’ positioning, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses.

1. Categorize your competitors.

2. Research your competitor’s website.

3. Identify your competitor’s market position.

4. Analyze their on-page optimization.

5. Analyze their backlinks.

On-page SEO – Applicable Techniques

In addition to these below applicable techniques, there is also a consolidated SEO guide for beginners.

Page Titles: Always try to include your main keyword in the page title and keep it between 60-65 characters long.

Meta Description: Write a Meta description revolving around your main keyword with enough information about your product or service. Keep your description between 150-160 characters.

URL Structure: We strongly recommend having Google-friendly URLs for your website. These URLs are more useful when it comes to ranking for keywords.

Keyword Density: Keep your keyword density to 3-4%. In case it will be difficult to maintain the mentioned ratio, you can use synonyms or similar words.

Best Classified Submission Sites List For India 2022


Off-page SEO – Applicable Techniques

Google Analytics Setup: To get qualitative and quantitative data about website traffic, you need to set up Google Analytics for easy tracking.

Google Webmaster Setup: Always try to verify your blogs on web 2.0 so that they can be crawled and indexed easily and quickly.

Guest Post: Creating 10 backlinks per day is equal to 1 guest post. It is one of the best options when you need to increase your website’s domain authority.

Social Bookmarking: It is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website by bookmarking your website or blog post on the top social book marketing sites.

Do Follow Classified Submission Sites


Is Da Important In Classified Submission?

Most of the secret filing sites in the list are very popular in India. So submit your ads and site details here to easily increase your site income. The best thing about this list is that most of the free classified submission sites list have high PA, high DA, and good Alexa rank which is very important for building high authority backlinks.

As we have already told you, classified submission sites are very important for link building. Users can submit details about their website or brand for promotion. Many of the sites listed below provide do-follow link juice and some of them provide no follow link juice. So it is good to maintain the percentage of do follow and no follow links. Be aware that some sites approve your ads to be posted immediately and some may take days or weeks.

Benefits Of Classified Submission Ads

You can use the Internet to spread the word about your business.

You can market your website and business online with classified submission websites.

You can attract tens of thousands of people to your business and increase your brand awareness.

Classified SEO can help you promote your products and services and increase your visibility. An ad is like a newspaper in that you can pick it up and read it and vice versa.

However, the only difference is that it is available online. Visitors visit these websites and your brand will be visible in the ad. There is no charge for the use placing an ad is mostly completely free. Yes, classified posts are completely free.

Free classified submission sites list like OLX, Quikr, Locanto, and many more are available.

You can post your ad for free and take advantage of maximum exposure.

Benefits Of Free Secret Submission Sites With High Da

♣ Ad submission sites help you build links.

♣ It is free so there is no need to spend money to promote the site.

♣ It is an off-page SEO technique, so it increases your SEO score.

♣ Increase page ranking in search results.

♣ Increase website domain authority.

♣ Increase your own website’s Alexa ranking.

♣ Get more traffic from the Indian population.

♣ Increase website sales or revenue.

♣ Get organic traffic from high avg sites.

♣ If your website is new, it can help you get indexed quickly.

How To Submit Ads On A Classified Submission Website?

1. Find high PA and DA classifieds sites.

2. Some sites will ask you to register. So you have to register and fill in all the details.

3. After registration, click on the ad.

4. Then select Category and subitem – Category.

5. Next, add a Title, description, image (you can use your company logo) and contact information, and a link to your product and services.

6. Provide correct details.

7. In the last one, click the Send button. Some sites will ask you to verify the ad, so verify it through Gmail.

Now, in this digital world of the internet, it is easy to promote your business, company, and online store through a digital medium. Online classifieds posting is one of them where you can list your company and business details using free classifieds sites. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to create ads? then you can continue to view our steps for more information.

Follow These Simple Steps To Create Free Classifieds Online:

Step 1: Before starting a classified post, you need to have details about your business or organization 

such as name, address, website URL, and other information that you want to include in your classified ad.

Step 2: Find top-ranked sites that accept free ads.

Step 3: Register or set up your account with the following account details:

• Email ID

• Business name

• Password,

• Page URL

• Bio or company information

• Telephone number

• Profile on social networks

• location

• Profile picture

Step 4: After registering and verifying your account, it is now time to select the relevant category and subcategories of the classified listing.

Step 5: Follow the admin instructions to submit your ads, once everything is done you can submit them for review. Some of these classified sites allow you to be approved instantly, while others will take some time to verify.

Step 6: Once you get consent on free classified submission sites ads portals, you can share it on all your social media handles for more engagement and traffic.


Free classified websites are the best way to offer free services and products online. However, there is also another Off-page SEO activity, but for promoting a product, classifieds are the best method. This allows you to share your services online with free advertising and get more customers and leads. A list of classified filing locations will be readily available on the Internet. Here you just need to prepare an attractive advertisement, choose the right category and the right target audience, and publish it on a good website without DA and PA classification.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Classified Submission Sites

Q. What is a classified submission?

Classified submission refers to the process of submitting your business ads to various classified websites.

Q. What Is A Classified Post In Seo?

Classified posting in SEO is the activity used to publish information about your business on classified sites and get a high-quality backlink to your website.

Q. Where to post free ads?

There below are some of the famous classified sites where you can post your free business ads.

1. eBay

2. Craigslist

3. Sulekha

4. Vivastreet

5. Gumtree

6. Locanto

7. Time for free ads

8. Quikr

9. Olx

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