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Top Business Listing Sites List 2022 | Free & Instant Business Listing Websites For Different Countries


Company listing is the best way to expand your business in the local market. There are many best business listing sites list that help any business owner reach their customers online. Here in this post, we are sharing the list of free business listing sites in 2022 where you can list your business or website on top local sites and increase your business income online. It is also an off-page SEO activity that can increase your website’s domain authority and website visibility in search engines.

What Is a Business listing?

Company listing is the online version of the Yellow Pages business listing. Each business listing contains a register of companies sorted alphabetically by industry. Individual listings are often linked to the relevant company website. From this article, you will learn more about what is a business listing in SEO and what is its importance. 

A business listing site helps users find more focused products or services for them. The entry in the company registration is important from the point of view of optimization for search engines; this makes it much easier to find and build another backlink. Reviewing your business listing is a good idea. It allows you to path the growth you have made. It also limits you from subscribing more than once per statement, which can be frustrating for consumers if they go through the program anyway.

What Is The History Of Business Listing?

Before the invasion of search engine giants like Google, a company listing was the goal of all information seekers. If we look back at how these corporate registrations came about, the essence was needed.

The place was very crowded. There was a need for some structure or repository to help people find the websites they wanted. That’s how company records were born. Some of the popular global business listings are Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages business listing, etc.

What Are The Criteria For Quality Business Listing Sites?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business globally. There are lots of business models around the world and directory listing by building a stable website is one established business model that has done well over the years.

Due to the time requirement, people are realizing the importance and power of online marketing. As a result, the directory listing business has become so popular and people are heavily involved in online business directory business to get listed or find expected products or services.

Several established online directory websites serve their purposes effectively, but choosing a quality online directory that will help you get things done effortlessly can be a daunting task.

To make it easy and convenient, I’ll list the must-have features before I get into the details.

• User-friendliness

• Expanded categories

• Directory website speed

• Mobile responsiveness

• SEO-optimized directory

• Providing great content

• Location-based features

• Front delivery

• Payment gateway without fat

• Suitable for shortcodes

• Various monetization plans

• Media support facility

• An opportunity for customers to rate and evaluate businesses

These are the basic features that are needed for a quality business listing website.

What Is The Importance Of Business Listing Backlinks In SEO?

In the early days, Google’s ranking algorithm was all about numbers. The more backlinks you get, the higher your ranking will be. As a result, those involved in SEO would do everything to get as many links as possible for their website.

However, the industry has seen some changes these days. As Google’s algorithm has become “smarter” and more complicated, the role of backlinks has changed. Quality rather than quantity matters and generating backlinks has become a completely different process.

Increase Your Reliability And Credibility

Good links from trusted and reliable sources can help you rank better in terms of SEO and also increase your credibility and credibility as a business.

For example, you run a technology startup. If you choose to get some press coverage and a link from TechCrunch, you’ll gain a significant credibility boost. If you then continue to get links from the New York Times, TechRadar, or the BBC, that is some major industry authority that is mentioning you and driving traffic to your site.

How Does Business Listing Help In Local SEO?

Local SEO is important for minor businesses that work regionally rather than nationwide. While national SEO focuses more on ranking in searches across the country, local SEO prioritizes showing up on SERPs in a specific location.

Local SEO optimization means more traffic, leads, and conversions because the strategy is more relevant to your local customer base. Think of this targeted strategy as a way to help you compete more effectively with larger national brands that have unlimited resources to spend. By focusing on specific local SEO tasks, you can neutralize the advantage of larger brands that routinely optimize for broader keywords and rely on brand recognition instead of value propositions to drive traffic.

How To Find Business Listing Sites For Your Business?

As every business knows these days, online visibility is a must to engage your audience and attract your customers. An optimized website rich in product data is an obvious first step, but once you have it in place, it’s time to look elsewhere. Another easy step is to search for free online business listing sites.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of online business directories to get your business listed in and increase your exposure, all with free options – check out the best free business listing sites listed here.

  2. My business on Google
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook
  5. Bing
  6. Yelp
  7. YP (Yellow Pages business listing)
  8. A better business office
  9. Dun & Bradstreet Business Directory
  10. Apple Maps

What Are The Requirements Of Business Listing Sites?

Listing your company on the company pages will effectively increase the visibility of your company pages in search engines. When listing, you are required to add business-specific information such as name, address, phone number, relevant categories, photos, videos, etc. This makes it easier for search engines to reflect your website whenever a search is made for your niche. This improves online visibility and brings in more customers.

List Of Pages With Company Registrations

If you want your business to be more visible, you can register your website on these sites:

  1. My Business on Google
  2. LinkedIn Company Directory
  3. Bing
  4. Yelp
  5. Better Business Bureau
  6. HubSpot
  7. Yellow Pages business listing
  8. Angie’s List
  9. Yahoo! Local

So we can conclude that a business listing site is essential to boost your website’s SEO. You can generate more traffic and avoid losing a lot of potential customers. Sending to at least 20-30 sites per week is effective. Always list your business in the relevant category and subcategories to get good local business listing results.

Types Of Business Listings?

A business listing is a website or media listing with information for a list of all businesses within a group. The company catalog is listed by company type, location, activity, volume, and size. It’s an online version of the Yellow Pages business listing.

Details listed in a business directory may vary, such as business name, addresses, phone numbers, location, contact information, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, region served, alphabetically by industry, and any professional association.

  • A private company limited by shares.
  • joint stock company (PLC)
  • Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Unlimited partnership.
  • Statutory Corporation.
  • Holding company.
  • Subsidiary.
  • Sole ownership.


Business listings are an essential hygiene step for your digital marketing strategy. The first checkpoint on your marketing list should be to register with free business listing sites.

Another way to increase the ranking of your website is to submit articles to article submission sites. This can act as a boost in increasing your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

So these were websites where you can list your business for free. Get started with business registration and learn digital marketing to take it further.

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