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300+ Blog Promotion Sites To Get Traffic On Your Blog, Article & Guest Posting


This strategy refers to a marketing method where you pay for advertising spots to attract internet traffic. Thanks to paid promotion, your page can immediately appear directly in front of your target audience. It is also possible to see the results once your ads are running.

The goal of promotion is to increase brand awareness, create interest, generate sales, or create brand faithfulness. It is one of the basic elements of the marketing mix, which includes the four Ps, i.e. product, price, place, and promotion. Promotion is also one of the essentials in the promotional mix or promotional plan.

What are Blog Promotion Sites in SEO?

Merchants can submit their site for listing by submitting an inquiry through the Contact page. If accepted, your blogs will be featured on the site. With blog promotion sites, you can increase backlink opportunities, generate traffic, improve organic rankings, build authority, and reach more people.

Best Blog Promotion Sites list

• Medium

• Pocket

• Promotion of Quuu

• Pinterest

• Youtube

• Instagram

• Facebook groups

• Flipboard

• Triberr

• AllTop

Important Of Blog Promotion Sites

There are many benefits to promoting your blog posts, some you know, some you will. It might not double your traffic or beat your traffic, but it might bring you another 1/4 of your total traffic to your blog. This also means another 1/4 of your income is added to your monthly income if you use advertising as your income. Increased traffic also means extra popularity for your blog and your brand.

There are many other indirect benefits that most people are not aware of. I have been using these blog promotion websites since I started this blog and I keep discovering new shocking results. Therefore, you must give these promotion websites a chance to experience the benefits for yourself.

How Blog Promotion Sites Help In Boost Traffic

When done right, a small ad spend promoting your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram can quickly increase traffic to your blog article. This tactic requires some knowledge of paid advertising and how to build an advertising campaign. Each social channel is slightly different in terms of marketing strategy, so you need to understand the basics of each before you get started.

Paid social experts here at Brandastic spend countless hours identifying target audiences and segments, fine-tuning CTAs, adjusting budgets, and making sure everything runs smoothly. We do all of this to ensure that our ad spend reaches the audience we want to reach and filters traffic back to our blog. If you have the time, a little money, and a little patience, we always recommend brushing up on paid social tactics to start amplifying the reach of your content.

Is Blog Promotion Sites Helps In Content Indexing

Regardless of your industry, it is nearly impossible to run a business without some type of website. Having a central place to store your landing page and the product page is a major driver of sales and engagement, but it’s not always enough. Bringing in new customers can be easier if you have a blog devoted to your website. Companies with blogs drive 55% more traffic to their website when found organically through Google. Not only that, blog sites have 434% more pages indexed. And if you use 

SEO to your advantage with the right marketing strategy.

Blog Promotion Website list

• Instagram

• LinkedIn

• Facebook

• Facebook groups

• Pinterest

• Twitter


• Youtube

List of blog-promoting websites


• Scoop. it


• Getrevue. co






What Factors Consider In Blog Promotion Sites

Getting your blog noticed means being active on social media and other advertising venues, tailoring your content to meet the needs of your audience, and learning the best SEO strategies.

• Reach out to the most popular social channels

• Share with like-minded communities

• Leverage the power of other blogging resources

• Combine your efforts with vlogging

• Work with influencers

• Build a membership area

• Advertise on Google

• Create a weekly newsletter

• Add a link to your email signature

• Guest write for other blogs

• Speak at events

• Add social sharing buttons

• Include powerful CTAs

• Create great visuals like infographics and charts

• Use mixed media

• Write an ebook

• Translate your posts into other languages

• Take your keyword research seriously

• Optimize your meta tags

• Write alt text

• Learn from the competition

• Get backlinks

• Sprinkle the inner cells

• Add schema markup to your blog

• Enable AMP features

Best practices to track when promoting your blog sites

1. Reuse your content

Save time and bet on previously published content with reworked content, which is done in several ways. For example, create an infographic, video, or podcast from older content, or share quotes from your blog on social media.

One big advantage of this approach is that instead of creating content from scratch, you can save time, effort, and money by recycling older content. You can also add interest and reach a wider audience.

2. Invest in link building

Search engines reward link building, which is a valuable blog promotion strategy. Inbound links (also known as backlinks) often help drive traffic and build credibility with your target audience.

The main way to incorporate this tactic is to create great content that inspires sharing. Make your blog easy to read and include useful or interesting information that readers will appreciate.

3. Promote on social networks

Don’t underestimate the value of social media platforms for increasing blog traffic. Share your new blog post on multiple social networks. Use hashtags to tag your content and help the right people find it. Consider including an eye-catching image or video, specifically on more visual platforms like Instagram. Images are often powerful drivers that make social media users stop and read a post. Over time, you’ll get a feel for which social media channels are targeting your niche, so you can target those sites. This simple step makes it easy for visitors to catch up on older posts and perhaps even share the content on their own social media profiles.

4. Invest in paid promotion

While we all like free stuff, there’s something to be said for paid promotion. Paid advertising spots can increase visibility and get your blog noticed by more people.

One way to use paid advertising sites to promote your blog is to promote it on search engines like Google. These marketing techniques can also show your ad to viewers who have visited your website, giving them a subtle incentive to return.


There are many ways to blog promotion sites for free if you are willing to put in the specific effort. All the methods we have listed on the best blog promotion sites list are white hat techniques that will help you build a name for your blog while driving great traffic.

Blog traffic depends not only on the quality of the content you write, but is one of the most important factors of a successful blog. Once you’re done with your next article, consider sharing it as much as you can and see the difference. There are several high-quality blog promotion websites out there to drive traffic to your blog.


Q. How to promote your blog for free?

– Writing a blog just isn’t enough, with the exponential growth of many blogs these days. No matter how strong the content is, we need some strong means of blog promotion sites free and deliver it to the right audience.

Here are the top ways to successfully sites to promote your blog online and get the most traffic possible for your content.

• Social media

• Email marketing

• RSS feed

• Email signature

• Commenting on the blog

• Post often

• Guest blogging

• Commenting on Quora

• Youtube

• Link other blogs in your posts

• Keyword optimization

• Use Images

• Podcasts

• Online forums

• Blog Exchange

• Social Media Plugins

• Pinterest

• Blog competitions

• Blog Carnivals

• Business card signature

• Infographics

Q. How to advertise your blog for free?

 – Create killer content in variability of formats, when they were first created, blogs were exclusively written. Things have changed a lot since then. Take advantage of creating different forms of content. This way, you will keep your followers interested and know exactly what content is best for them.

This also gives you more room to fine-tune your social media posts. If you are posting on Instagram, for example, pictures or a video of your latest project would work well. On Twitter, you need to focus on content and possibly create a great image. On the other hand, Pinterest would be a great way to promote the video tutorial you created. 

Q. Where can I promote my blog for free?

Free blog promotion site list 

  • Use Facebook groups

   • Take advantage of Facebook Live Videos

   • Start promoting other bloggers’ content on Facebook

   • Don’t forget to include a link to your blog (with a trackable URL) in your bio

   • Create an Instagram post

   • Use stories effectively

   • Use hashtags

   • Set up your profile

   • Find your favorite threads

   • Follow influencers on Quora

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