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100+ Free Article Submission Sites List 2022 – Verified Sites

Are you into content writing or are you a content marketer? If yes, then you can know the true struggles of searching for nice and reliable article submission sites that can be beneficial in promoting your content on various article-viewing websites. By getting aid from the top article submission sites, you can improve your search engine ranking as well as boost traffic. 

Article submission along with the use of impressive and right keywords is the best and most effective off-page SEO technique to boost the brand as well as personality awareness. 

What Are Article Submission Sites?

This is all about the process of publishing the articles on third-party sites, targeted at generating impressive backlinks on your blogs or website of yours. If you are going with the best article submission websites then there are chances of you improving the page traffic as well as increasing the value of domain authority. 

Article submission is known to be an integral part of content marketing which offers the best chance to promote your articles related to the business on the best and most renowned article submission sites. 

What Is The Importance Of Article Submission In Seo? 

Article submission is a proven powerful tool for SEO. A writer or a marketer with great knowledge as well as the skill of writing an article can make it an amazing SEO device as well as a tool for traffic generation. It is the main aim of article submission to place as well as use a strategic link to target pages. 

Backlinks have been the greatest factor in checking the ranking of a site and article submission is beneficial in getting backlinks from other sites. This is the common off-page technique that helps in improving the ranking of a site. Also, it increases referral traffic. 

Also, it can help in various ways like to improve the rankings, free adverting, boosting traffic to your site, and much more. 

What Should Be The Criteria For Article Submission? 

There are certain steps that you need to follow before the article submission: 

  • Check Plagiarism – Running a plagiarism check will help in verifying the research’s authenticity. Plus, it checks the traces of anything that has been unintentionally copied. It is essential to write a plagiarism-free article. 
  • Prepare the artwork – The artwork in your paper such as graphs, images, etc. holds importance in communicating your research results. This is the reason that you should prepare the artwork before submission. 
  • Check for formatting – The formatting of your paper or article should be taken into consideration. It should be written in proper English, be it, British English or American English. There should not be any slang or stereotypes. 
  • Add cover letter – If there is an option then include a cover letter to the journal editors. This can be beneficial in outlining the reasons why your research is essential. However, avoid copying the abstract and write in your language about the scope of the research. Also, try concluding the contact information plus the statement about not publishing in any other journal.

In The Article Submission What Should Be Chosen? Do Follow Or No Follow

Backlinking is known to be a process by which a search engine connects various sites. This can allow content marketers by adding do-follow links to the articles or sites on top article submission sites. But what is the meaning of do follow or no follow and what to choose? 

Do follow is known to be a state of any link that allows any visitor and search engine to see another site via the link. This can be beneficial in improving the ranking of the site in search engines only if your sites do follow the link and are available on various other sites with high domain value. It is also beneficial in improving the traffic as the visitor clicks on the link. 

No follow links don’t allow the search bots to go with the given link. Thus, this doesn’t allow any direct role in creating any impact on the position of the site’s search engine results page. But this can allow for exposure. 

After your content starts getting better exposure you have the chance of getting do follow links. This is the most preferred option by many for immediate results. 

Key Benefits Of article submission 

Here are some of the benefits of article submission that can boost your online business: 

  • Free advertising – There are many article directories that allow adding links to the article. In case you are writing articles that are related to the product or service then you can advertise it indirectly and include a backlink. This can offer free marketing media. 
  • Increases personal/business credibility – Various free article submission sites allow to the addition of an author bio box at the end of the article. This can be used to advertise the business or any personal brand. Also, you can add a backlink to your product page for better information. 
  • Better website traffic – By adding links, you are creating a doorway for the readers to visit your site if crafted in an interesting manner. This can allow a lot of traffic to your site. 
  • Massive exposure – Articles of yours can be viewed by many readers in millions every year. 
  • Viral marketing – In case your articles are great then you can get a chance to be chosen by the site owners themselves and this creates a viral effect for the article content. Therefore, your articles can be published virally on the internet. 
  • Reach new customers – The massive readership can lead to articles spreading on the internet. Ultimately, you can reach new clients from across the globe. 

How To Find Quality Article Submissions For Backlinks? 

As a content writer and even as a site owner, it is essential to know the right way of finding quality article submissions for backlinks. However, here are a few things that you should ponder on: 

  • The site should be compliant with the copyright laws that are existing in its geographical location. 
  • The terms and conditions of the site should be clear. 
  • In case they are going to pay for the article posting then you should be aware of the payment terms. 
  • The backlinks should stay on the article instead of any modifications. 
  • Try to confirm the total dofollow/nofollow backlinks that you can get. 
  • Search properly as you don’t want your article and efforts to go in vain. 

Top Article submission Sites In SEO

Here is the best article submission sites list 2022 which you can go through: 

  1. – This is an American online publishing site where anyone can write. Whether it is a journalist, expert, individual with a different perspective, etc. This article submission site is for anyone who has ideas and undiscovered voices. 
  2. – This is a great site to keep up with blogs and many bloggers came to Bloglovin after the demise of Google Reader. You can create an account here plus follow any blogger on this platform. Also, clicking on any post leads to the blogger’s site. 
  3. – There is a chance of creating microblogs on Tumblr and sharing that with many publishers with the help of blog creation in a short duration. This can be a great option if you want to create microblogs rather than other article options. 
  4. – This is a free site for storytellers from across the globe based on creating, sharing, as well as exploring stories. There are no strict rules to posting a story on this platform, you can post as much as you are willing to. 
  5. – This is a great platform that is known to have minimal elements that can allow the person to post articles or content at a glance. Plus, formatting the text is very simple with this article submission site. 
  6. – Another famous article submission site is where written blogs, essays, reports, or articles can be published. It offers custom writing as well as editing services. It also has the option of an academic writing service. 
  7. – This is another site where you can opt for posting your blogs or articles. It has various elements and tools to offer which can be beneficial you’re your personal site. You can reach different audiences with this article submission site. 
  8. – This is a minimalist publishing tool that helps in creating richly formatted posts as well as pushing them to the web within just a click. It also has helped in getting instant view pages on Telegram. It has advanced features. 
  9. – This is a multi-lingual platform that is meant for creative minds. It has various products like e-books, audiobooks, and other technologies which offer various stories to the masses. You can publish articles on this site related to anything. 
  10. – This is known to be a collaborative marketing platform that is beneficial in connecting small businesses with an online community that can increase your business’s online exposure at a fraction of the cost of various marketing options. 
  11. – This is an American online content management system that allows multi-user blogs with various time-stamped entries. Whether it is about sharing your knowledge, experience, or any news, you can do that here. 
  12. – This is a self-publishing platform that is famous for blogging as well as other works. You can even create a site or build a blog with WordPress. It is mobile-friendly and a great option for professionals and beginners. 
  13. – TheOmniBuzz is a platform for all types of content. Whether it is about digital marketing or metaverse, etc. You can post your articles here without any hesitation. There are hardly any sites that offer the freedom of posting all kinds of content. 
  14. – This is a site that is famous for posting its guides related to SEO, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. If your content is similar to this then WriteUpCafe is the right place for you as an article submission site. 
  15. – This is an American internet media company that is known for operating based on the crowd-sourced model and getting articles from various sites. This is considered one of the best article submission sites. 


The key to excelling as the best brand or content marketer is to be persistent. It is essential to keep creating content and submitting it on one of the best article submission sites. The above-mentioned article submission sites list and the information related to article submission sites can help you create a greater impact and grow your business.

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